Planning an event gathering in the near future? Cinders is a great place to host any type of event! You will love the atmosphere and food!

The Cinders Experience

Any Type of Event

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A little tradition that is fairly observable. Time for the guest of honor to be treated like royalty and shown how much they are loved.

Corporate Events

Catering a professional business event is one of our specialties. Let us plan and carry out every aspect with the utmost perfection.

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Its time to celebrate the love two people share, a time to gather, eat, drink and introduce new family and friends before the wedding.

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From a small, simple affair to a large luxurious celebration, Cinders’ staff will make sure your wedding is a wedding like no other.


Whether it is mom-to-be or bride-to-be, this celebration is a special day for the guest of honor to feel like a beautiful queen. 

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Small Party Catering

Do you have a budget, or does the price not matter? Our catering experts offer a wide variety of options to make your small party the best.

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